Hunter X Hunter Event 35 – Dragon!


Not sure if this is the third time we’re seeing this event again… This week we have the stupid trio bomb squad member again and an all new Zodiac challenge.

Event One – Bomb Devils



It’s the Bomb Trio again. As usual, there will be 5 different difficulty levels for players to conquer. The difference this time is that you can actually get the other 2 bombers (I think this is the first time you can get them, correct me if I’m wrong).

kongbakpao_hxh_event35_char3 kongbakpao_hxh_event35_char2



Event Two – Gacha



This week’s special Gacha, we have a new Genthru and increase drop rate for Gon and Biscuit.

kongbakpao_hxh_event35_char4 kongbakpao_hxh_event35_char6



Event 3 – Battle of the Dragon



This week, we have a new Zodiac challenge, Botobai Gigante the Dragon. As usual, there are 7 stages to fight and you will not be able to gem if you die. This is a real test for all you hunters out there. Completing the event will get you a Gigante card which I believed you can only do so once. 



Also, a new evolve path for the following Killua card:



  1. Can someone tell me the best way to level up currently level 49, how to rank up skills for gatcha characters and teams to beat 40stam evo mat dungeons?

  2. Wow, I saw Doraemon’s video beating this Zodiac. I actually do have all the cards he used, so I might try it later this week. I just need another copy of Genthru, and to take both to level 80.

  3. I haven’t try yet to beat the new Zodiac, but I watched Dora’s video and his strategy seems good.

    About Genthru 5* I thought that would be evolution from the one that all we have, unfortunately not.

    • Yess! Managed to do it following this strategy. Map 4 is hard, and map 5 too, but if you carefully use your skills, and make sure your Gon is always at full HP, you can tank pretty much everyone and after that, the last map is actually very easy.

      Got my Dragon, and more important, 20 gems. I guess I should’ve tried the Tiger a little more, too. =/

  4. This is a good strategy, it seems better organized than Dora’s one. The strong point is that you have a great defence with the duet Gon/Netero. Did you succeed with this new strategy?

    I got it yesterday, I spotted in the 7 maps places where my healer would be most safe. Near the healer I have Kurapika for damage and Knov for immobilized enemies.

    I did it in 10 min, Knov is really the centerpiece of this strategy, the aim of this strategy is to continually immobilize the enemy.

    My team :

    Knov 5* / Chimera ant Palm 4* or Pakunoda 5*
    Satotsu (healer) / Pitou 5*
    Kurapika Scarlet eyes 5* / Kortopi 5*

    • Yes, I got it to work, after losing a few times because of bad mistakes on my part.

      At one time, I was on the final map, had swaped my Satotsu Healer out for Kite, to kill the minion who appeared at his side, and was about to put the healer back… but by my stupidness, I’ve swapped the Gon with Netero. It was only one milisecond, and Netero was dead, and I was just hitting my head against the wall, trying to understand what’s wrong with me. lol

      The biggest problem is that I only have one friend with a maxed out Kurapika, so each try would need a few hours of wait. lol

      I’d say the biggest problem I have is that I don’t have a Knov. Tried to get one on the Wizards Gacha. Got a 5* Killua. Well, not even mad. lol

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