Hunter X Hunter Event 40 – Sky Arena 7


This week, we have a few rehash events, Sky Arena 7 new Premium cards and New Evolve paths. Read on to find out more!

Event One – Nen


Not sure how many times they repeated this event but anyway, it’s here again. You’ll be able to get the following Hisoka card:


Event 2 – Sky Arena 7 



10 more levels added to the Sky Arena, that’s 10 more rewards for you players to collect! Complete all to get the following Gon Card

kbp_hxh_event40_char1 kbp_hxh_event40_char2


Event 3 – Premium Gacha


The following Premium Gacha Characters have their drop rate increased:

kbp_hxh_event40_char3 kbp_hxh_event40_char8

kbp_hxh_event40_char7 kbp_hxh_event40_char6

kbp_hxh_event40_char5 kbp_hxh_event40_char4


Event 4 – Zodiac Battle

2 Zodiac Challenge will be rehashed for players to try again. There are new special rewards for completing the.

kongbakpao_hxh_event35_char7 kbp_hxhevent36_char7


    • For Netero you need to hit Netero with 1hit that deals 15000 damage on map6. For Botai you can’t use your skills/specials in map 4 and with the snake woman you need to clear map 6 in 80 seconds

      • Any suggestion on composition you could run to have that active to use on Netero, and does it have to be the killing blow?

        • Finally got my 2nd Young Netero.

          I don’t know if everybody here got him, but I can explain how I did it.

          First watch this : (map 6 start at 20min 20sec, he lost his first attempt)

          For me it’s the most simple strategy that we can found on this mission, I did it in 3 try, just the time to find good team.

          Team on video :

          Gon G.I 5*/ Yupi wizard 5* (Netero tank 5* or Young Netero)
          King 4*/ Komugi
          Kortopi 5*/Genthru melee 4* (Kaluto 5* or Kite wizard 5*)

          My team :

          King / Komugi
          Kortopi / Kaluto 5*
          Gon adult / Netero tank 5*

          The team on the video is good but to get a 2nd Netero you must clear mission hit 15000 Netero in map 6. You can do it with Gon special attack (target 1 enemy attack x5 for Gon G.I) but with Yupi wizard even with attack x6 or 7 there is a high possibility that you hit under 15000 because you can be affected by the effects of enemy around you.

          There is two options : use Gon adult to hit easily more than 15000, but the disadvantage not protected projections. Or change Yupi wizard for gacha which increase attack more than Yupi (x2.25) but don’t forget defense not under +150. Netero tank 5* is for me the best choice ( atk x3.5 and def +150) if you haven’t him use from friends. There is also Young Netero but the first for this mission is better.

          You don’t see how to do 15000 hit on the video because this is for 1st Netero, you have the choice to hit 15000 or more Netero and continu until you beat him after that beat the monster which appears at 21min 18sec, or vice versa. There is not really a good moment, do it when your skill is not blocked.

          Important, in map 4, 6 and 7 Kortopi should not be near the orange monster (20min 32sec) if you’re affected by him your range is reduced, your chances of winning will be very low and in the map 6 this is the insured loss. Be careful to place Meruem near that orange monster and beat it quickly.

          About the gacha order of your team this is not really important just place them quickly as on the video when mission start. If you follow the same strategy as on the video with my advices I wish you can get your 2nd Netero on first try.

  1. Finally got to beat all the 4 missions, also completing the challenge and getting the second copy of the gachas. Hardest one for me was the Tiger, which I finally beat yesterday using Kurapika (1 ability) + Sky Arena Gon, Machi + Kite and Extreme Netero + Ging

    • Just remembered, it was actually the 5* Fighter Silva that I used as support. His active skill is SO frickin OP, he almost single handedly gave me the win against the boss.

  2. Congratz Yuri, I think also Tiger is the hardest one. About new Silva I’ve nothing more to say…this Silva is a must have, at least as a friend.

    • Yep. Too bad I normally don’t get lucky with those OP gachas. But I got a copy of new Tank Hisoka yesterday, he looks good too.


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