Hunter X Hunter Event 46 – Anniversary


Lots of exciting stuff for all you hunters out there! Read on to find out more

Event One – VS Wang



Meruem event is back with 5 different difficulty levels. There’s also a new challenge stage where Hunters can only bring their Enhancer and “Nenless” characters.



Event Two – Premium Gacha

The following cards will have an increased chance in appearing from Premium Gacha

kbp_hxh_event46_char2 kbp_hxh_event46_char4



Event Three – Hunter Association

The Hunter Association event will be reopened, complete the challenge to get one of these cards! Gon looks so cool here.

kbp_hxh_event46_char5 kbp_hxh_event46_char6

Event Four – Biscuit Shop

Biscuit’s shop will be updated with a few new crystals plus the following characters!

kbp_hxh_event46_char7 kbp_hxh_event46_char8



  1. 4 tries only got 3 Phinks and it wasn’t even the tank . and a 4* nobunaga . I died a little inside but got the new Pouf so i’ll just need a Winged meruem as a friend and im set

  2. I got to stage 4 with a winged meruem friend but i messed up and died. Just waiting for another winged meruem to appear on the friend list so i can try again. Try using him with the new Pouf 400 deffnse is a great help

  3. Prime neteros 4th map is impossible the tank part auto stuns my party . Not even kortoppis special helps they just stun all the time. My party [Komuggi with attack Pitou / Kortoppi with Killua for 3x damage and 150 deff / Winged meruem wiith healer Pouf] Can it be done with this team or am i doing something wrong?

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