Hunter X Hunter Event – Battle of the Zoldyck Brothers


This week is all about the Zoldyck family!


First up, the event this week is about Killua and his brother Illumi. For the event map, players have 3 different difficulties to go through. Through this, players will stand a chance to obtain the evolve material to awaken Killua and Illumi to a 4* character. I must say, I’m really in love with the artwork for the 4* Killua.

kongbakpao_hxh_event8_illumi kongbakpao_hxh_event8_illumi2

Players can obtain the 3* Illumi from the event map.


This week’s special gacha we have Hisoka and Killua.

kongbakpao_hxh_event8_killua1 kongbakpao_hxh_event8_killua2

kongbakpao_hxh_gacha8_hisoka1 kongbakpao_hxh_gacha8_hisoka2


Also, we have a special Friendship Gacha this week where players will be able to collect imo, the most powerful character in the manga; “Alluka”

kongbakpao_hxh_gacha8_alluka1 kongbakpao_hxh_gacha8_alluka2


  1. Hi all I’ve added a new chat box below so that you guy’s can communicate faster. Let me know if it’s good, I’m on a trial for their best plan >.< kinda too expensive for me though 🙁

  2. Everything is relative, who doesn’t have strong gacha it can be difficult.

    For now I have 2x Illumi, both with all abilities and 2x 3* Manipulators.

    @Yuri when the event will cost halve, I’m sure you’ll get more than one Illumi and at least one material (more harder for materials)

    • Oh no, now I have 1 Illumi with 3 abilities up. I only need 1 more Illumi and a bit of luck to get the ability up on him, since after he becomes a 4*, if you feed a 3* card you’ll not always get the ability.

      Anyway, I still need 1 extra material for that. =/

    • Well, now I got 3 yellow materials in a row. I didn’t need no yellow material, fucking game. Now I have 4 of those, and nothing to evolve with it. At least, I got enough Red Jewels and bought my second Alluka. Still need 2 more, to evolve all abilities on first one. =/

    • I think it’s when you leave the game (intentionally or not) while you’re playing, you can restart the game to the stage where you were.

      It’s like a second chance.

  3. @brady I don’t really need two 4* Illumi, it’s just because I have so many Illumi and I thought why not, it could possibly be useful in future.

    @Zzigg to have 4* Illumi with all abilities you need 5x Illumi.

    – 4x 3* Illumi to have all abilities (after that you can evolve to 4*)

    – 1x 3* Illumi without abilities (you can add abilities if you want) that you must evolve to 4*. To finish add this one to the first 4* (with 3 abilities.)

    – About materials you need 4x 3* Manipulators.

    • First thanks for answer, but im kinda dumb and dont quite get it
      This is what i currently have
      5 x 3* Illumi
      4 x 3* Manipulators Mat

      So are you saying me that first i need one 3* Illumi with all his abilities? and then evolve it? but when i evolve it, it will lose his abilities, right?

      If i just evolve 1 and then feed with the others 4 x 3* Illumi how many abilities it will get?

      Sorry english isnt my fort

      • You don’t lose ability when you evolve your gacha. You can’t feed your 4* with 3*, I tried it and this doesn’t work with Illumi.

        You have all stuff to get 4* Illumi with all abilities.

        But be careful when you will have your two 4* Illumi, you must to keep and feed the one which has already 3 abilities. If you do the opposite, you will have 4* Illumi with only one ability.

        • Thanks pal!! i was kinda do the opposite lol (almost waste all the time that spend to get Illumi at max)

          Now i have my 4* Illumi with 3 abilities, i will wait till tuesday to get many Manipulation robots to evolve the other one, but i must ask seems like that last abilitiy is about the attack speed, right?

          • Yeah I didn’t know it was possible with Illumi to feed 3* to the 4*(I guess this applies to most gachas), especially after my unsuccessful experience. Apparently I had not any luck.

            I think to avoid unpleasant surprises, It is better to feed gacha of same level for a guaranteed result.

          • I’ll go with the luck thing, tho. I have the first Illumi at level 80 with all abilities, and I have a second Illumi with 3 abilities. I’ll evolve the second one to 4*, and then I have 3 extra Illumis to feed to the 4* one. With 3, I at least hope I can get a skill up.

            Not that it really matters that much, since the important ability for a second Illumi is already there. By beginning with 70% of special bar, you can use two Illumis to stun lock the entire enemy team in arena for 20 seconds. That sounds like fun. lol

          • Yeah, I wasted two Gings and couldn’t get an single upgrade for my 3* Ging.

            But I got the last ability on Illumi on my second try. Now let’s hope that, with 3 Illumis, I can get at least the last ability on my second Illumi.

          • Also, gave up on the last Alluka. Not a chance that I’ll be able to get 50 Red Jewels in only one day, specially now that the mission costs 30 Stamina again. I got 2 abilities, the last one is the better one, tho.

            Well, that is life. I can at least hope that this mission will come back someday. lol

        • The only one i don’t know is the green icon with 2 stars in it but it most likely deals more crit damage or something. So far the icons are:
          Increase HP,attack,attack against certain types,attack speed,range recovery, increase defense against certain types, increase gold dropped, lower the cost of the gacha, negate stun/poison, start the match with % of SP and the other SP one most likely gives x times the amount of sp points when attacking.
          I wanted to make a image that tells this but havent got enough time lately.

  4. Another Netero event? hopefully it will be the one when he fought Meruem, so we can get 3* Emitter materials.

    Also seems like it will be a 4* of Leorio soon, finally!

    And another update for the game, not sure if tomorrow tough

    • It’s the same Netero event i think. Looks like Leorio will have a 4* evolve and a new Gon will be in the premium shop. Many gachas also gain abilities such as Razor. There will also be a XP bonus and chance of getting the King robots at the normal gacha’s.

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