Hunter X Hunter Event – Catwoman


One of the most boring looking character in the series.. Adult Gon is out on the special Gacha with sexy cat Neferpitou in this week’s special event map.


Gon fans, I’m sorry but I really think Adult Gon is the most non-unique looking main character of all Manga. Okay, rants aside, in this week’s special event map, players will stand a chance to acquire the sexy cat by fighting any of the 4 difficulty levels. Only at the last level, you’ll stand a chance to acquire the material that is required to evolve Gon into his 5* form.

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  1. Well i already get 3 Pitous just one more before evolve it im dissapointed that it isnt the terpiscora version but still, hopefuñly at max lvl it will be the best healer

    Also sucks that Gon san is premium, when this event comes back im sure gonna buy a lot of gems

  2. I guess when premium 4* Gon evolves to 5* he changes role to a tank.

    Although I’m not a big fan of tank type but I must admit that his attack is overkill, I’m not sure but there is apparently less than 2 days in the shop to get Gon. For my part, I should wait Gon come back next time.

      • Really ? What I say is only a hypothesis but 5* Gon attack 1000×1 (usually attack x1 is for tank, support, and healer), and the 3/4* Gon is (I don’t know excatly the name of his role) multiple attacks role (x5) It would be surprising if this Gon has the same role in 4* and 5* with only attack x1.

        If anyone has any information on this subject he’s welcome.

    • Look the last part says about the higher chance to get this Gon,


      また、10月31日(金)16:00~11月3日(月)15:59までの期間中、一部の強化系能力者の入手確率がアップし、さらにゴン/終わりの覚悟 ★5をプレミアムガシャへ追加いたします。

      I hope you get the chance to get it at least one

      • Ok, i just understand that i can get the 5*Gon on 31th october to the 3th november…but no higher chance or is it meaning that a higher chance on that date for the5*Gon? I have just 30 Gems and i don’t want buy more gems but i know,i buy more if i don’t get him with the 30 gems:(

  3. Just spend the 10 free gems, i was too impulsive, got a normal wing and a 4* Zeno, now my Zeno has 3 abilities man not a Gon but still pretty nice

  4. I got a Gon!!!!! The tank, old one. =/

    Also, got one of the Zombie Kite, but I’ll never get the Gon, so it’s for nothing. lol

  5. Yeeeeaaaaahh i got Gon:))!!!it ess expensive but im happy and i have 100 gems left:)now, i need just the materials…I thought i never get him and that will be a scary halloween:-P

  6. This Pitou sucks so much(imo) it supposed to be a good healer but its abilities doesnt work in PvP, also it healing is just 90 i think mega Leorio has more,

    At least with all the pitous im getting i can lvl up the orbs quickly

  7. Kira no my friendlist is not full, i don’t know why it doesn’t work..i played maybe 10-20 times 40 stamina and i got nothing just pitous,can i get the materials for 5*Gon in stamina 40?

  8. Hey guys i played 40 stamina 50-60 times and i get only robots,pitous,3*specialist(1)3*none(1)and enhancer3*(3)material ,no kite and the koala comes 10-15 times but i didnt get the materials for 5* gon:(That can’t be,my team is the new Gon4*,yunju,pitou4*leorio*pitou3* and another healer…i need no gems to heal my team..i played a long time and am i doing something wrong:D?if someone get the materials please say me what your team is:D

    • It’s the same for me. Played 40 stamina many times but no 4* material. Never seen the koala show up either but i think i will just play the 30 stamina for 4* Kite material because it also drops there.

  9. Today I’ve got a 4* Gon (using only 5 gems), one Kite Zombie and also one 4* material at 30 stamina level, need just one more 😀

  10. I don’t get kite:(i need to buy more gems to get kite:(that can’t be:(if someone have kite please tell me your team with u have get kite maybe the reason is a wrong team:(or i don’t know…

    • Well, at least I have the Kite. I’d only need another 4* Enhancer material, and a Gon, of course. For the Gon, though, I hate you guys. I’ve spent a few gems alright. At least 60. No luck. =/

  11. Ok,thanks;).its no fun anymore:(i want that kite and i have never luck…i was on rank 101 on the start of the event,now im on rank 130 and i used maybe another 40 Gems to start a mission…I used the stamina 30 to get kite maybe i should take stamina 40?And thank so much for your answers:)


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