Hunter X Hunter Event – First 5 star character?


Alright, here’s another rehash event with added difficulty. However…. seems that players can now gacha 5* characters starting with Scarlet Kurapika!

This week’s event boss is Uvo. They added a forth difficulty for him for players to farm awakening materials. From what I heard, he seems tough and definitely a challenge for existing players.

kongbakpao_hxh_event7_uvo2 kongbakpao_hxh_event7_uvo1





Leader skill : Increase Enhancer’s Attack by 2x and attack speed by 2.

So, who’s gonna cashup and get him!


  1. Yeah, I wish I could complete this mission on hard to get the awakening material for 5* Kurapika. The sad thing is: I can’t even go past stage 1, using two healers and a 4* Kurapika max level, with a 4* Kortopi as support.

    My Kurapika was stunned for 10 seconds as soon as the 2nd wave of enemies appeared on stage 1. Then, dead soon after. =/

    Also, 40 stamina is brutal.

    • You cant get past the 3rd stage( 30 stamina) with that awesome gachas?? or i get it wrong?

      I used three times the same team and win without much effort
      Zeno 3*
      Hisoka HA 4*
      Genthru 3* with all abilities
      Gin 3*
      Gon G.I. 3*

      And of course a friend Kurapika, the big wave of enemies comes in the 2 stage

      • 3rd stage from the 40 stamina event. But right now, I tried again, and couldn’t get past the 1st stage. lol

        The 30 stamina one I can win easily right now. The problem with this 40 stamina event is on the fact that I can’t even replay it twice in a row.

        Well, got to keep trying later. Anyone has any tips?

    • I think if you use two healers you must have at least one support (with gacha to increase his strenght) in your team who can beat all enemies when they came at the same time, while healers make the work on your support. Against Uvo be careful and do your possible to be in a place where Uvo can’t eject you far from your healers.

      You can also keep your duet Kurapika/Kortopi with healer/Pitou and two gacha including one to increase strength.

      I’m not sure but you can’t drop awakening materials (30 stamina) only Uvo tank and robots. In 30 stamina I didn’t plan anything, I just play like usually I do.

      The 40 stamina is a real challenge. if I ever find a strategy that can be used for all of you I’ll share it, but I’m still far away.

      Of course if anyone can help (tips or anything) he’s welcome.

        • Thanks for trying. Unfortunately, I don’t have any great Wizard type gacha, the best one I have is Shalnark, and I don’t think I can use him to beat all the monsters in this 40 stamina difficulty.

          I’ll be watching a video as soon as I get home, where the stage was beat. But it’ll only help me see the enemies, because the author of the video used double Knov to beat the stage. lol

    • This is a accessible team and it’s more understandable than the first video.
      even if the following base has not changed :

      1. The proper placement of the healer.
      2. Identify the last ennemy to kill for heal the team.

      These are really the key.

      • Yeah, but I believe that Dora had a lot more tries in this stage than I did, so he has faster thinking, and knows by head where are the enemies coming from. I’ll try it as soon as I have stamina again, but I also don’t think I’ll be able to react as fast as he did. There are times when I’m stunned on a char I shouldn’t, and then it’s GG.

        • Try to do exactly like him, it’s hard to play in high speed but this guy knows perfectly his strategy. I’m not sure but nobody here do this event in high speed (40’S)

          Don’t hesitate to pause the game if you’re not sure or just forget how to do. If you take your time and after few tries I think you will be able to finish it.

          You have to be really focused, although now I get to win, just for a lack of inatention I lose quickly.

          When I see his Wing’s team the problem to not have powerful gachas is solved, but I hope you have at least Wing, as you know at the Map 5 without to stun enemies it’s impossible to win.

          • Oh, I do have that Wing. He is even at a higher level than his. I don’t have the tank Kurapika that gives +40 defense to Wing, tho. But I have two gashas that give +30, those 10 shouldn’t make that much difference.

            I’ll try it again in a few minutes. I might even have two tries in a row, since I’m almost leveling up.

          • Wow, this was hard. After 3 failures, I’ve finally managed to do it. Even got a 4* Material from Pakunoda. Now, I only need another one of this, and one 3* Material, and I’ll buy the other one and get my 5* Kurapika.

          • Thanks man. Let’s hope I can do it again.

            This guy is a monster, tho. Did you see his youtube channel? Full of HxH BAS videos, he does some crazy stuff.

  2. To find quickly several strategies, makes him a player of high level undoubtedly.

    For now in this event I won :

    2x 3* Specialist
    2x 3* Transmuters

    Most of the time I have just robots and 2* materials. I don’t count Uvo 2* I think everybody have many copies.

    I wish to have more 3* materials and why not 4*, at the moment I don’t really need it but I want to stock maximum materials for future 4* gacha.

    • I got mine earlier today, and I have enough 3* material to 4* my Zeno and my Machi. I don’t have a Silva, tho, but I expect to have enough to 4* my Feitan also.

  3. Can as many people as possible please make knov as their leader like Kira did, thanks for that and you helped me beat stage 4 yesterday. Also I would like to have you guys on my friends list, I don’t know why I didn’t ask earlier

  4. No, I think this is how it goes. You need the same gachas to unlock a skill. The skills are in order from left to right, the numbers next to them correspond to the level of skill and stars needed, maybe put I think I’m sure. You can use multiple gachas for a skill. For example, if the skill has 4 on it then you can use 2 2*, like addition. Also once that is achieved anything to right pass the skill you are unlocking is unlocked too as long as they have the same or lower. I used a two star netero for a three star skill and nothing came up. However, I’m not sure if I can add a 1* to unlock that skill.

  5. The next event will be interesting.

    Do you think that next gacha of Irumi will be the evolution (4*) from the 3* one or another gacha type ?

    Finally about Uvo’s event I’m satisfied of what I’ve got :

    5x 3* Transmuters
    4x 3* Specialist
    4x 4* Specialist

    In 2 hours it will be my last try before the next event.

    What about you guys ?

    • I got:

      7x 3* Transmuters Material.
      4x 3* Specialist Material
      2x 4* Specialist Material

      Got to evolve my Zeno, my Machi and have enough to evolve my Feitan as soon as he hits level 60.

      Also evolved my Kurapika to 5*, and my Chrolo to 4*. I need 2 more 3* Specialist Material to evolve my Pakunoda to 4*, but considering I don’t see a Specialist material for 2 days already, I’m not holding my hopes up.

      Also, if I get another 3* Transmuter material, I’ll have enough to evolve my Killua to 4*, once I can mega evolve it to 3*, that is.

      Anyway, I don’t have anything to use the 3* Material I’ll be able to get in the next mission, since I have no Morau. Let’s hope we can get some new 4* characters that I can evolve, so that I don’t miss on the fun.

      Also, I think this Ilumi will be a new character all together. I also intend to buy the Alluka char from Bisket shop first thing, I don’t even care if the character is good in game, just because I love Alluka. lol

    • Considering the event is focused on the Zoldick family, and we get a Manipulator material, I’d say we can have a Karuto evolution coming. I’d like that, since I even use my Karuto for PVP.

    • I hope i can get a 4* star before the event ends…
      10+x 3* Transmuters
      4x 3* Specialist
      1x 4* Specialist

      And i’m curious how the new event will play because it’s a escort mission?(google translator) Also sad that the anime is over after 3 years 🙁

  6. Wait that is Illumi? I thought it was some characters for the new movies

    They give Illumi an original anime power? I dont remember he being green damm man i was hoping to get an Illumi since he is my favorite character but now this:(

    • Beware when you evolve your 4* kurapika to 5*
      I kinda regret it as the cost is too high in order to use him.
      4* cost is 20, but 5* is 30.

      im lvl 94, and only got 77 point, so if 5* kura already cost 30, remains 47 point for the remaining 4 toons.

      • Yeah the cost is high, but if you are lvl94 the 77 points is for your stamina. The team points would be more than 80 points with your rank.

        Even with a little more than 77 points that doesn’t solve the problem for the high cost of Kurapika 5*.

  7. I’m not sure so what’s the cap level? It might help you use the 5* in the future since you can go beyond 100. Whhhat the event has something to do with these characters: ilumi, kilua, hisoka, and aluka. Sorry about the names but I’m sure you can tell

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