Hunter X Hunter Event – Knuckle and Shoot!


In this weeks’ Hunter x Hunter event map, we’ll get to fight against Knuckle and Shoot.


Event time
30/7/2014 till 6/8/2014

As usual, there will be 3 different difficulties. The more difficult the stage, the higher the chance to acquire a 2* Knuckle or Shoot card.
There is a different twist to the event map this time. Players are expected to defeat the enemies fast and prevent them from moving to the next region (in this case, bottom of the screen). It feels a little like the tower defense mechanic.

Here’s me playing on easy mode (I’m too noob for the higher tier)


This week’s Gacha, players with luck will be able to obtain a 3/4* Morau or 2/3* Palm card.

Seems like Morau’s skill is “x3 attack damage to all enemies”.



  1. I really cant figure out how to get the Knuckle and Shoot gachas. I presume it has something to do with the big white creature that runs away.

      • In the past events you would get the boss gacha just by beating it on hard but after beating it on hard ~10 times i still dont have one of their gachas. The white creature gives a red card though but its always a robot. I’m going to try and not let a single enemy pass the defense and see if i will get a gacha.

  2. Still hasn’t tried the new event. But I got 5 gems with the compensation they gave, and tried a premium gacha. And guess what? For the THIRD premium gacha in a row, I got the same card. Exactly the same Nobunaga card, the first one, not the special.


  3. Well, I have one at 3* already, I have nothing to do with all those 2* that I’m getting. =/
    Skill upgrade is not even working as it should.

    • Damn. You’ve got TWO Pitous? That’s outrageous. I would be happy to have only one. =/

      She is easily the greatest char released so far, with a 90% hp heal, and the greatest speed in the game, as far as I know.


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