Hunter X Hunter Event – Netero is Back


This week’s Hunter X Hunter’s event brings back Netero and with it, an all new Extreme mode.


This time round, I believe there are new materials to collect on the extreme mode so that players can mega evolve Netero and Gon into the new 4* characters (Pros here please confirm this for me >.<).

kongbakpao_hxh_char_netero4 kongbakpao_hxh_char_gon4


The event will run from 13 Aug 16:00 〜 20 Aug 13:59.


This week’s special Gacha characters are 4* Phinks and Kastro.

kongbakpao_hxh_char_kastro4 kongbakpao_hxh_char_phinks4


  1. Netero and Gon are luckily normal evolves but Gon is based from the mega evolved one. Phinks & Kastro are also normal evolves so dont waste gems if you already own the 2* and 3* versions. Like previous events this one has another new material for the Enhancers. I think Gin will have a 4* evolve next event.

  2. So, I have Phinks at max level 3*, will evolve him if I manage to get the materials some day. My Kastro is at 3*, but not max level yet.

    As far as I see, my 3* Gon that is not mega evolved will be useless for the rest of my life. =/

  3. Yeah, i have mega evolve gon 3* :))) it was very hard…but i have almost the Materials (i need just the enhancer 2* material)for the next form(gon4*) :))))

      • Netero drops on all difficulties but has a higher chance to drop on higher ones. I really wish this game had a gacha trade… I really want 2* Gon again

        • Did you get to mega evolve your Gon Kira? Also does Netero have a mega evolve and what material do you need for him to evolve to his 3*?

          • @Denzel No i don’t have a 2* Gon anymore…i used to have a couple of them but i used them for exp before you could mega evolve. So far netero doesn’t have a mega evolve just a normal one. You can see what he needs in his evolve screen.

            @Hisoka did you get 1* Gon from the blue gacha?

  4. Hi!!! first of all i want to thank you for this guides you made, they’re really useful

    Now i have a pretty noob question, is there any way that i can make a backup of my progress? if by any chance my phone dies i lost it or in the worst case its stoled how can i still playing with my current items?

    thx in advance

    • its saved to your id.
      Check my main guide on the menu translation. you need to save your id and generated password.
      Remember though, spend all your gems before transferring your account to another phone.. coz the gems doesnt follow your account

  5. Zzigg you need all those yellow orbs and black orbs if you want to mega evolve certain 2* units.

    Kira do you hold onto all those items for future uses? And do you know of a Japanese wiki for the game that has all the characters evolve information? Or did you just learn through trial and error.

    • Hey but do you know how to get those orbs? man im been playing all missions at least four times but i dont get any new material, (i could get Netero in the first attempt though)

      And if you need a wiki i’ve been following this page, but im not sure about all the info

  6. Zzigg I think you could’ve only gotta them from the last event the one that had Zushi and his teacher cause that’s when I got mine. I keep getting some fireball looking things and can’t evolve my Netero cause I don’t know what materials I need haha.

  7. I have all the materials needed to evolve my *3 Castro and he’s already max lvl, but for some reason it won’t allow, anyone got a clue?

  8. You see how the last two material have that symbol in the top right. That means they’re favorite or locked. It’s something you can do so that you don’t accidentally sell or get rid of units you want.

    To unfavorite them click the icon that has Gons face. On the next screen press the last menu option then go to the material click it and in the top right there will be something you can press with red letters under it. Press it and it’ll unfavorite it and proceed to do that with the other material and then try to evolve again.

    • I see, thank you so much

      By the way as I only have 2 of those special mats to evolve to 4*
      Do you think I should evolve Castro, or rather save for pinks or n etero? I have both at *3 but lvl not yet maxed out.

      Much appreciated for your input

      • Depends on what kind of character you need. Do you need a all-hitter or a one/multi hitter? Netero is the strongest in raw dmg but castro deals dmg to everyone in range. I would either go for netero of phinx looking at dmg/hp and try to get killua to 4* for a allhitter

  9. I’m not sure on which you should evolve to be honest. Wait for Kirakyuubi to reply then ask him since he’s been playing a lot longer. Sorry I can’t help ya there Brady.

    • Yes!!! it finally is Leol time and it comes with a chance to get Knov too bad i cant buy gems yet!!

      Also why does it have to be that kind of mission? man it sure its hard to bea them and dont let anyone escape, tough i could beat Knucle and shoot in the same way

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