Hunter X Hunter Sky Arena 2 – extra prize from me!


So after almost a day of no HxH, the game is back with sky arena 2! This time, 10 more levels are added to the top of the arena.

Unlike Arena 1 where there’s only 1 character card to collect, Sky Arena 2 allows you to collect 3 different character cards. The best card, Killua, you can get it at level 50 and 110, level  70 for Hisoka, while you can get a new Wing card, spread out among various levels. Also, you’re able to acquire different upgrade jewels and Gems in this event.

I’m looking forward to see which of our English HxH Veterans will manage climb to the top first.
The new patch includes a few tweaks in the AI and the interaction with the enemies. Also, due to the extended maintenance, they have compensated players with 17 gems.

kongbakpao_hxh_event12_killua1kongbakpao_hxh_event12_hisoka kongbakpao_hxh_event12_wing1

So here’s how it goes:

The rules are simple. First person to post a screenshot of you reaching level 110 and showing the 2 Killua cards will win. Please post your screenshot on the comments below. 

From now till the end of the event (5th Nov 2014), the first person who manage to hit level 110 and acquire the 2 Killua Card will get a Japanese Google play gift card or iTunes card.

I’ll be sponsoring 1000 Yen as the base amount for the prize pool. Additionally, what ever amount of money collected from ads on this page only, will be added to the pool. Closing date will be 1 day after the event ends. It’ll be great if everyone spreads the news so that not only the prize will increase, but most importantly, I hope we can get more people to be interested in the game!

I know this may not be a lot but I hope, we’ll see the hunter community grow and in future, I hope I’ll be able to afford better giveaways!

Go climb the ladder guys!

Note: In the event where nobody manages to climb all the way to the top, the person who reach the highest floor, will win the prize. Please remember to take a screenshot of your results on the last day of the event which is the 5th of Nov 2014.
Also, if you’re interested in donating and increasing the prize pool, please feel free to drop me a email. Let’s grow Hunters!

Extra Prize Pool : + 282 Yen (US $2.60) Updated 29/10/2014



    • I’ve been using a team that hardly loses (lost only once so far, up to floor 31).

      Two Illumis, at 4* with all abilities, 1 5* Kite, 4* Zeno with 2 Abilities and max level, and 3* Alluka with all abilities.

      Stun lock is too strong.

    • Good initiative Kong, this an interesting challenge for HxH BAS community.

      @Yuri : I had a good start even I lose a lot ! (I don’t chose my opponents I fight against the first comer and most have a crazy team). I used free gems to be where I am. From now I must wait to recover my fighting points, I don’t use gems anymore until the end.

      Until the end anything could happen, so good luck to all players.

      My team (with all abilities except Nov) : 4* Illumi, 4* Nov, 3x 4* Yupi

      • lol yeah. I’ve lost 3 or 4 times so far, and two of those were when I chose the wrong team (my team to farm robots, that are appearing a LOT during the day, and since cost is halved, I can farm those for a LONG time lol)

        By the way, I think I’ll never have a shortage of red jewels again lol

  1. Ok thx is easier with 2 ilumi morel karuto and kastro but im helpless againts halfhorse chimera ant and machi lol :)) sorry my english is bad 😀

    • I’m not even sure if I want to give this tip anymore. Yesterday I’ve faced a guy that had a Yunju (the Halfhorse Chimera), a Youpi and 3 Illumis. Damn, was that thing a pain in the ass…

    • Well, to be fair, if you have that team, you SHOULD win everytime. But I’ve beaten that team once, on offense. I still think the worst team I’ve faced was 3 Illumis, Yunju and Yupi. =/

  2. Just get to the 50th floor it was kinda hard against those teams with two Illumis but still managed to do it, now the challenge is to get that other Hisoka

  3. Hi guys, i’m new. I have a question:how can i take Meruem? I never seen him in the premiun gacha and i see one with all abilities. I think that he can destroy all in the arena. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

    • With all abilities, he CAN destroy in arena. The only answer to him would be stunning him the moment he uses his skill.

      Anyway, Meruem was available to get during a twitter campaign, a few months ago, for free. After that, a few weeks ago, when they’ve released his evolution, he was available as a premium gacha, but only during the event. Right now, you would have to wait until he’s available again.

  4. So someone finally got to floor 110 with 1219/0 wins and i wonder if this amount of wins is possible in 2 weeks without using gems.

    • Without gems it’s Impossible, since arena started to now you can’t have 1219 fights. Even with 300 gems you’re not able reach floor 110. For me it’s obvious that he bought gems.

      I use only the daily free gem and those one that I win in the arena, I prefer to buy gems for new interesting gacha. Since the first arena I realized it’s not worth it, wasted a lot of gems for paltry gains.

      • Dude, how is it possible that you’ve passed me without buying gems, tho? I was at least 10k points above you, playing everytime I had arena tickets, except while I was sleeping. Unless you’ve used a few gems after that, it’s impossible.

        Unless you never sleep. that is. lol

        • I don’t use gems, except those that I win in the tower and daily free gem and.I don’t intend to buy gems until the end of the event.

          But in your last sentence you have part of the answer to your question, of course I sleep otherwise I would be dead for a while lol , but I sleep little and this for years, just about 4 hours. I guess that’s one of the reasons that I passed you. And I always fight against opponents with higher rank than me to have more points.

          There are still some days you have ample time to pass me. If you really want to pass me you can use few gems and I should not catch you because I use only free gems.

          • No, I’ve got to my limit, I can’t pass you again. I’ve been losing a lot more lately, and I can’t replace anyone in my team, because of the cost. I’ve wanted to change my healer to Machi, but I can’t. lol

            Anyway, I’ll be happy if I’m able to get to floor 70th and get the Hisoka that I missed last time.

            Also, I’ve faced your team once last week. I’ve only noticed it after the battle had started. I could barely win, because AI didn’t use your Illumi’s skill before he was dead.

  5. Yesterday I was too busy, I totally forgot to take screenshot during Arena was available. The top 100 ranking, this is the only screenshot that I can take, in the end of this ranking there is my profile with all information but not the floor where I was (81th). As the number of points is the basis of any ranking, it seems that this is sufficient evidence to know if I’m above or not of any participant.

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