Identity V – NetEase’s Escape Survival Game Release


Hurray! Finally a game that’s delivers both quality aesthetics and game design on a smartphone. (Wait what? Nah, it will be another..) We have NetEase Games‘ recent release that may change your mind! Identity V (第五人格)just released today is a 1 versus 4 escape survival title (cue Dead by Daylight similarities) that has sleek Tim Burton-esque aesthetics and quality game design that gets your instincts pumped!

The game has plenty of characters for selection, with only a few unlocked at the start while progressing through the game’s pretty long tutorial. No worries, for the most part of that, being good at Chinese isn’t really an essential. The game has quality feedback on where to tap on to proceed and the actual game is explained quite thoroughly via interactions in the tutorial. Lemme know if you happen to not understanding anything.

Different characters have got their unique traits and abilities that make them useful as part of teamwork essential to survive against the killer clown. The nurse is able to both heal herself or others without stamina consumption while the lawyer is able to detect teammates from a further distance. The game is simple to navigate with left joystick for movement and right-side buttons for actions; players are able to steer the camera angle simply by panning the screen.

The game goes through a long single-player tutorial where a detective investigates the death of multiple game characters (the same ones you use for multiplayer). The game offers interesting monetization where players are able to buy costumes and animated gestures for their characters; some of them are unlocked naturally by unlocking achievements via using particular characters themselves.

The game featured pictures won’t be doing it justice and you just got to try the game out to know what I mean. It requires login from either a WeChat or QQ account with the latter having an English registration here.


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Android APK Link


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