Illusion Connect is Now Opening Pre-Registration with Piles of Milestone Rewards


Super Prims Game just announced the pre-registration for their popular turn-based Bishoujo strategy RPG title, Illusion Connect. Along with the pre-registration, the publisher has prepared tons of milestone rewards for all players.

If you’re a gacha aficionado you’re probably well aware of Illusion Connect. Released earlier this year in its native China, the game has been making waves among the gacha RPG community.

Throughout the game you’ll take part in turn-based battles in the Dream World, a hidden plane of reality where creatures called Nightmares lurk in the shadows and prepare to strike.

Your secret weapon is the power of Lenses, which you’ll use in combination with your fellow Radiants to vanquish Nightmares and reveal the dark conspiracy at the heart of the game. It’s pretty rad, with gorgeous character designs and an intriguing storyline.

To get everyone pre-registering, Super Prism Games is offering a huge array of pre-registration rewards.

In the first instance, you’ll get a Nightmare Bottle M * 10 + Gold * 20000 just by clicking that ‘pre-register’ button, no matter what.

At 100,000 pre-registrations, everybody will get Crystal * 10000 + Diamond * 50, and at 200,000 they’ll all get Summoning Certificate * 10 + Large Gift Box (purple) * 5 + Gold * 30000.

Finally, at the top level of 300,000 reservations each player will get Mikuki Skin + Diamond * 250 + Gold * 50000 – quite the welcome hamper.

And that’s not all. Super Prism Games is also hosting an official Invitation Code Contest, allowing players to win SSR characters and more by registering on their phones and sending out invitation codes to other prospective players.

If you’re a fan of Bishoujo collecting games, Illusion Connect is an absolute no-brainer. It looks great, it already has a loyal following in China, and you can earn tons of in-game goodies before the game is even out.

Company introduction

SuperPrism’s total business scope now covers over 100 countries and languages, including Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Their business activities include user research, design, launching business modules, and the global distribution/operational management of games.


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