Inuyasha Awakening – Pre-registration Campaign Begin in Japan


Hammer Entertainment has announced the pre-registration campaign for their upcoming mobile game, Inuyasha Awakening (犬夜叉-よみがえる物語-).

Inuyasha Awakening is developed by Hammer Entertainment, a Korean based developer. The game will be launching in Japan really soon and the pre-registration campaign is now underway.

Inuyasha Awakening is a 3D Action RPG based on the famous Manga series, Inuyasha. Players can collect many of your favorite characters from the series and form a party with them.

Based on the trailer above, the game’s combat actually reminds me off Bleach Brave Souls. If you like action RPGs, you’ll definitely want to give this a try.

Pre-register now to unlock tons of gems that can be used for gacha when the game releases.

Pre-register Here


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