(JP) Photon Angels


Polygon Magic had just released their latest mobile game, Photon Angels. The game is now available on the Japanese Play and App Store. Read on to find out more!

Unlike the usual bottom to top approach, Photon Angels is a Side-scroller Airplane shooter game. The game somehow reminds me of the Plane Stage in Super Mario (GB). Instead of having a real Airplane, players will collect different Photon Angels and use them like a Fighter Jet, taking down enemy planes. Players will have to dodge bullets, pickup buffs that will increase your firing power or use skills (bombs) to quickly take down a large group of enemies or bullets.

kbp_photonangels_game1Similar to most card games, you can train your characters to increase their strength, equip them with better equipment to increase their firing power and make use of elemental counters to effectively bring down enemy Airplanes. The game also supports a 4 player co-op system. Players can gather your friends and take down difficult event bosses together.


Photon Angels is now available in the Japanese App and Play Store. If you like Airplane shooters and pretty waifus, this is definitely a great casual game to try!

Polygon Magic


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