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Square Enix has just released their latest mobile game, Rampage Land Rankers. The game is available on both the Japanese App and Play store. Read on to find out more about the game!

Rampage Land Rankers is a brand new Dungeon Crawler RPG mobile game published by Square Enix. There are 12 different jobs that players can choose from, loosely translated as: Main Body, Crusader, Attacker, Machinist, Supporter, Medical, Detective, Botanist, Smiths, Businessman, Scout and Special Ops. There’s a lot of dialogue in the game which is actually very important thus if you can’t read Japanese, this game might be a little difficult.




Players are trap in all kinds of different dungeons and the main objective of the game is to escape from each dungeon. The game gets difficult when you attempt higher level dungeons as the floors will constantly be changing or disappear. Players will need to constantly gather information from other players by gathering on the same spot.

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Each floor can support up to 10 players. As you move up the dungeon, the match-making system will reset and you’ll be group with 9 other players that are tackling that particular level. The idea is to rely on the different job’s skill to uncover the fog of war in the dungeon so as to proceed to the next level.

Combat for the game is a simple turn-based system. Players will need to rely on cards that are picked up from the dungeon or killing monsters to call out an action during combat. Always be prepared to keep extra combat cards as you do not want to face monsters without any fighting capabilities.

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Rampage Land Rankers is one of the rare new genre games where I’m not able to properly understand and describe it’s gameplay (I can’t read Japanese btw). You really have to give it a go to find out whether you like it or not.

Here’s their trailer to let you guys have a feel of the game:


Square Enix


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