Knights of Ages – Arthurian Turn-based Tactics


Less Mainstream Games (from Shenzhen, China) has recently published a hardcore turn-based tactics SRPG in portrait mode – think Fire Emblem Heroes or Langrisser but with much deeper yet interesting systems.

Boasting more than 20 classes in the game, it will be a delight for all of you strategy whizzes – including quirky classes like Claymore Warrior and Phalanx Infantry. Tactical elements such as ambush, cover and injury will surely be an eye-opener for players fatigued from Gacha-heavy tactics game.

Other more interesting systems include dialogues and characters being able to marry each other and bear children that you can use for your party, strengthening your medieval kingdom generations after generations.

Excited? This is definitely a rare gem worth a try. Carpe diem!

Less Mainstream Games


Android Link
iOS Link (Public Testflight)


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