Kritika: Chaos Unleashed – Launched (updated)


The wait is over, Kritikia : Chaos Unleashed has finally made it into the global App/Play Store today.



Kritika is a fast-paced ARPG where players go through different stages and kill monsters (similar to Dragon Nest I suppose). There are 3 different game modes available for players;

1. Stage mode with different difficulty levels
2. Monster Wave – Kill as many monsters as you can within the time limit
3. Battle Modes – This I suppose is your PVP mode.


There are currently 2 characters to choose from; the Berserker and the Catacrobat. The UI layout is quite organised and the controls are actually very reactive. However, I’m quite skeptical for  the iOS version as we know iPhones have smaller screens.



I’ve tried the game both on a Android device and iOS device and for some reason, I feel the game is not fully optimized for Android (tested on 2 different Android phone). Certain map feels jerky on the Android while I’m able to play smoothly on my iPhone.

The game’s face-paced and filled with action pack moves thus players who likes to hack n slash monsters, this is definitely the game for you. However, my friends and I have agreed that, this game may not be easy for non-paying customers as mobs starts to hit very hard from the 2nd map onwards.

My new short gameplay video on my iPhone( Finally I can play with my 2 hands)

Anyway that’s all I got for you for now, will post more information on the game once I’ve mingled with it more.


Android Link
iOS Link



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