I posted the pre-registration for this game a month ago and finally it has release. The game play is simple, your just throw your minions on monsters to defeat them. The game is currently only available in the Japanese App store. Android guys will have to wait 🙁

In the beginning of the game, there’s a short comic strip of how the main character was one day travelling and felt motion-sickness. He then took out a paper bag and wanted to vomit into it but instead, the paper bag suck him in instead and he was brought to this land with minions and big monsters. The minion gave him a wand to command them so that he would have the power to defeat the monsters.

How to Attack?
There are 3 different attacks:
1. Tap and hold the minions to shoot (maximum of 10 bullets/minion type before you need to reload)
2. Tap and pull back to charge the minions (the longer you hold the stronger your attack)
3. Tap and push forward (your minions skill after they are charged up)

There’s also a free ultimate time after charging it for some time, that’s where you get about 5 seconds of unlimited ammo.
You can also block attacks from the monster by pressing the “Shield” icon. Monsters are also able to block your attacks so time your attacks accordingly.



The interface might be a bit messy for some people but after tapping around for a bit, it should be okay. The 4 quadrants on the main page is the 4 units you’re currently equipping thus you can tap directly from the main page to upgrade them.


Here’s my little Gameplay, Enjoy~


Android Coming Soon
iOS Link



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