Liberasion of Azure – Get Your First 10 Pulls Now!


After 5 months of pre-registration phase, Sega is finally ready release Liberasion of Azure. The game is out now in Japan’s App and Play Store.

Liberasion of Azure is a simple 2D Side-Scroller Action RPG game with a pretty new and unique UI for an ARPG. There is only 1 button for attack and 1 button for skill instead of the usual 1 attack button and 4 skill buttons.


As for combat, Players can form a party of 4 and at any point in time, control 1 character to attack the monsters while the other 3 characters will be controlled by AI. As of any other ARPGs, the combo system is one of the most important feature and unique feature in Liberasion of Azure. Players will need to understand your character’s attack patterns well and form an efficient party that can chain combos with your main character. If done well, you can even execute some high level air combos.


As of any other Sega games, the game’s graphic looks very well polish. The controls are good and reactive even for people who have big thumbs like me. The opening cinematic was also very well done and I’m hoping they make an Anime out of this.


Currently, there is a promotion going on where your first 10 Gacha only requires 100 gems. The best thing is, there are giving away 100 gems at the start of the game. This is a good time for players who wish to reroll for a good character. However, do take note that the highest rarity in the game now is 4* so don’t delete off your account by accident!



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