LifeAfter – Soft Launch


NetEase had recently soft launch a brand new Zombie Survival game called LifeAfter. If you enjoy playing games such as Dayz, Rust, Ark or even Left for Dead, you should definitely check this out!

LifeAfter is a Zombie Survival game played with the third person view. The story is typical to any other Zombie game where some evil corporate “accidentally” release the zombie virus and it got spread throughout the city.

Like any other survival games, Players will need to gather resources, build your own shelter, gather food and fight hunger and ultimately build your very own Arsenal of weapons to fight against the zombies.

The cool thing about the game is how it seamlessly integrates each individual mission into one big story plot. It took me almost 40 minutes to complete my first opening mission which includes some tutorial on how to survive. I did not upload the full opening gameplay video as the ending was pretty interesting and I do not want to “spoil” the story for you.

Currently, the game is only available in Simplified Chinese however, I believe an English version is in the works right now so stay tuned for when it’s released!


Fun fact: This was how Fortnite was supposed to be played before it turned into a Battle Royale game.



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