Line Fantasy Heroes – Out on Android and iOS


NHN Entertainment and Line has announced the launch of their latest Monster Breeding Mobile Game, Line Fantasy Heroes. The game is out now available for download on Japan’s App and Play Store.

Line Fantasy Heroes is a Side-Scroller RPG game based on Western and Eastern Mythology. You can form a party of up to 4 characters and control their skills by tapping their portrait. Currently, it seems like there’s only 5 characters that are Gold rarity (4star).


There are 2 types of skill that players can control. The Burst Skill and the normal skill. The burst skill is basically a more powerful form of the character’s skill. While the normal skill is based on the cooldown, the Burst Skill is based on charging up.


To be honest, I’m really disappointed with the combat as its really slow. It takes too long for the character to swing his sword and attack the enemy. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to fasten the combat pace at a later time but at the moment, it has already deterred me from continue playing. Also, the game is purely optimize as it heats up my phone in less than 2 minutes of play. Some parts of the game feels laggy too.


However, if you like games where you get to play characters from the East and West, Line Fantasy Heroes is a decent game to pasttime.


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