Line : Revenant Gate – Pre – Registration


Line (Japan) has just announced the start of the pre-registration of their latest game; Revenant Gate.


“LINE Revenant gate” is an action RPG that will see players battle as the main protagonist with the aim of defeating the demon from the underworld.

kbp_revanantsgate_game 1kbp_revanantsgate_game 2


Players are able to buy equipment from shops, acquire them from monster loots or crafting them.

I’m quite surprise LINE is coming up with games outside their usual “Casual” genre thus I’m quite interested to see how this game works.

Pre-registration is on the way for Android and iOS users. Pre-register now to acquire 5 Gacha tickets which can be used to obtain Weapons or Armor.
kbp_revanantsgate_game 3


Pre-register Here


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