Lineage Red Knights – Korean Pre-registration Up!


NCSoft has announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming Mobile game, Lineage Red Knights. Pre-registration is currently opened to the Korean Players with a sign of a Taiwan/Hong Kong and South East Asia Release.

The game is based on the original Lineage world with tons of familiar faces (and names). Characters sprites are “chibi-fied” for mobile with the usual features such as Castle Siege, PVP and Story modes. A big media event will happen on 27 October to reveal more about the game.

From the official website, you can actually choose 2 different language regions which are the TW/HK/Ma Traditional Chinese region and South East Asia English region. Although there is no date given for the English launch, at least we know it’s coming!

Pre-register Here (You will need a Korean Mobile Number number)


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