ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest Lineup Guide: Burn Your Enemies!


Recently, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest have celebrated their 4 million downloads in the SEA region. As there are many Heroes and Monsters in the game, here is one Line-up that can help you quickly progress through the game. Hopefully, this could help you achieve a higher battle power to tackle more difficult enemies.

The main purpose of this Lineup is to burn the enemies as long as possible to achieve maximum damage.

Recommended Heroes for burning style:

Basic combination: Genos (SR) + Lightning Max(SR) + Blue Fire(SR)

Advanced combination: Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire + Subterranean King(SSR) + Terrible Tornado(SSR) + Vaccine Man(SSR)

First, we would recommend deploying Genos and Lightning Max. These 2 characters can be obtained for free. Let’s check out their attack ranges and skills.


Attack range: Column

Machinegun Blows: Attacks a single target with 5 consecutive strikes, dealing damage by 100% ATK.

Incineration Cannons: Attacks enemies in a column with 4 consecutive strikes, dealing damage by 140% ATK. Has a 100% chance to burn the main target.

Relentless (Passive): When an enemy is burning, enters Berserk state. Damage increases by 30%. Permanently increases HP.

Lightning Max

Attack range: Single

Lightning Kick: Deals damage to a single target by 100% ATK. Has a 100% chance to burn the target.

Lightning Flying Backwards Roundhouse Kick: Deals damage to a single target by 200% ATK. Has a 100% chance to stun the target for 1 round.

Plan of Action (Passive): Deals bonus damage on burning enemies by 100% ATK. Permanently increases HP.

Both characters have “Burn” attacks, so it would be beneficial to consider a burning style Lineup when teaming up with other characters.

Basic combination:

Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire

As an SR character, Blue Fire is easier to get and level up. On the other hand, his row-attacks will quickly get rid of enemies up in the front. Team up with Genos and Lightning Max to maximize your damage.

Of course, if you are a collector of SSR characters, you can consider using the following advanced line-up plan for burning style.

Advanced combination:

Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire + Subterranean King + Terrible Tornado + Vaccine Man

SSR Subterranean King has the passive skill of follow-up-attacking burning targets. When an ally attacks a burning target, Subterranean King performs an extra basic attack. He also has an active skill that will attack targets in a row while dealing higher damage due to its SSR rarity.

The super popular character – Terrible Tornado has the biggest attack range. Her skill can affect all targets. Also check out her passive skill “Focused Rage”: Every Injured enemy increases Tornado’s CRIT damage by 30%. This is a good way to maximize your damage.

SSR Vaccine Man’s Passive Skill “Earth Savior” can maximize its effect in this style. When an enemy target is suffering DoT, Vaccine Man can deal damage to all enemies. This damage equals to 50% of the DoT on the single target. Permanently increases HP.

Warm reminder: Players who try out this Lineup shall hoard enough Hi-Tech materials.

Above is a introduction of a burning style Lineup. You can also tell us what you are curious to know. We will consider your comments and suggestions thoroughly and edit our introductions accordingly~

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  1. The passive skill for the core will not be activated since you do not have a brawler character right. And what are the items or equip for each heros. I want to try this one. Thanks.


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