New Adventures of Log Horizon – Out now on Gree Platform


Log Horizon is finally out on the Gree Platform a day ago and I must say… I’m quite disappointed that it turned out to be a Browser game (I had that 1% hope). However read on if you still want to give the game a try!

Okay before I waste any of your time, I’ll just make it clear that this current Log Horizon game is a mobile browser game (not required to download any app). You will also need a Japanese VPN to play the game. If you’re still interested at this point, read on.



New Adventures of Log Horizon is a turn-based RPG game where players will form your own party (guild) and grow from there. The game storyline and mechanics follow closely to the land of “Elder-tale” thus expect to see all the different races in the game. The game starts off with you, partying up with Tohya and Minori to start your adventure in “Elder-tale”. Throughout your journey, you’ll be able to acquire the main characters such as Shiroe, Naotsugu and even Chief Nyanta.


The game isn’t exactly that bad but would be better if it’s app based to save on loading time and have better graphics. The main Gacha for the game will be weapons thus having an SSR weapon does make a whole lots of difference regardless of which Log Horizon character you’ve got.

So if you’re interested in the game, here’s how to play:

How to play: 

1. Go to this website and enter your email in the box.
2. An email with the URL of the game will be sent to you.
3. Turn on your Japanese VPN
4. Click on the Link from your email and signup a Gree account if you must.
5. Enjoy the game.




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