Loong Craft – Lunar New Year Event


Chinese Spring Festival 2017 is around the corner. To celebrate the Spring Festival and bring more new gameplays to Players, Ujoy’s 3D mobile MMORPG Loong Craft unveils 2 special mounts related to Spring Festival, a pair of brand new Wings and a series of Spring Festival Events on January 25th.

Many Beast “Nian” will be attacking the main city at 21:15 daily from January 25th to February 11th. A lot of Cracker Thieves will appear at the same time. Players can kill them to get back the cracker which can be used to kill the Beast Nian. Killing Beast Nian will bring players abundant rewards.

Loong Craft has prepared many Lunar New Year Redpack for players during the lunar new year period. Players can talk to LNY Envoy to get LNY Redpack, LNY lucky pack and claim LNY quests daily. Horrible Beast Nian will appear outside the main city from 12:00 to 18:00 daily. Players can kick them out with crackers. Players can collect LNY Lucky Packs and Points from these Beast Nian.

There is a Beast Nian Kill Point Ranking in Loong Craft from January 25th to February 11th. The more harm you make to the Beast Nian, the more points you will get. Top 100 players will get exclusive title and abundant items as rewards. No.1 Player will get a Spring Festival Mount Phoenix as extra bonus reward.

LNY Purse will be released on the shop at the same time. Players have chance to get a brand new Spring Festival Mount Beast Nian, rare Mounts Giant Kite, Silver Fang and Wings of Phoenix by opening LNY Purse.


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