Loong Craft – Official Launch


Ujoy has recently soft launch mobile MMORPG, Loong Craft in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and now, Ujoy wants the rest of South East Asia to join in the fun. Together with the official launch, the game will also bring in the much awaited English patch.

The English version of Loong Craft is designed for the whole Southeast Asia as English is still the widely used language worldwide. However, the release is only the first step to be achieved. More importantly, the game will be localized in each region of SEA according to the local culture and players’ demand as said by the CEO of Ujoy.

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Loong craft is a MMORPG game based on the Three Kingdoms background. you build your city, rise your heroes, train your troops, join the alliance and challenge players around the world. You will travel through the history of the three kingdoms and start your own legend from a unknown soldier to a famous general.

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The English version of Loong Craft has been released officially and available on both Google Play and App Store.

* Content based on publisher’s Press Release



Android Link
iOS Link



  1. This game is awesome not to mentioned that I am a huge fan of 3 kingdoms specifically Dynasty Warriors series in playstation. It is easy to play and at the same time making your character stronger is easy

  2. Descent game, best mmorpg on the market now… surpass my expectation, the game is so smooth ive been playing 3 days now in a row and so addictive, the graphic is so impressive, the skill and mission is good.. the economy is balance in my opinion.
    Rating: 9/10


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