Machimusu: Earth Defenders – Pre-registration Begin


DMM Games has announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming mobile game, Machimusu: Earth Defenders (まちむす 地球防衛ライブ).

Machimusu is a turn-based Waifu collection game. Players will collect Waifu characters that are designed using Cities from our real world. For example, we have characters such as Tokyo, New York, Beijing and London.

The wittiest part of the game is definitely the “equipment” system. As per any RPG games, Players can equip items on their characters to make them stronger. In Machimusu, the equipment is actually buildings, parks and iconic scenery of that particular city.

Combat is pretty basic turn-based and is mostly aliens trying to invade the world. Players will need to gather your own city defenders and drive off the alien invasion.

Pre-register now to unlock some valuable rewards when the game releases!

Pre-register Here




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