Magia Connect – iOS Launch


Fujishoji has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Magia Connect(マギアコネクト). The game is currently only available on Japan’s iTunes Store. The Android version will release on a later date due to some bugs.

To be honest, I was quite excited for Magia Connect as the graphics and gameplay looks super good. At the start of the game, there is also an amazing OST for Players to enjoy while downloading the game’s data.

Magia Connect is a simple turn-based RPG with an extensive number of waifus for Players to collect. The game does have it’s own special gameplay mechanic that differentiate itself from the usual turn-based genre. However, I feel that the system can be a little bit complicated for a mobile game or rather a person who doesn’t read Japanese.


Basically, there are 2 different skill sets in the game. The first skill set is your individual character’s skill where you’ll need MP to cast them. The other skill set or rather your Spells, is shared between all characters. You’ll need to collect and charge up the elemental orbs by casting your character’s skills. Once you meet the required amount of elemental orbs for a specific spell, you can then cast the spell.

One thing to note, you’ll only be controlling 1 character (your main character) during battle while your party members will be controlled by the AI.


Graphically, I really like the Anime-ish typed graphics in Magia Connect. The game looks good on the retina display and doesn’t heat up your mobile device that quickly.


Now, for the biggest complain I have for the game. This is the first Japanese Gacha-based mobile game that I’ve played, that has NO FIRST ROLL! You are only given 2 gems at the start of the game and 1 roll requires 5 gems…….. I guess I will have to drop this game afterall.

Apparently you can get 45 Gems in the Latest Newsお知らせ section of the game. Time to try it again!

Quick Gameplay





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