Maji Girl – Collect your Shooter Waifus!


Xeen has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Maji Girl (マジガーーーーール!!!). The game is currently on both Japan’s App and Play Store so hurry and grab it now!

Maji Girl is a shooter game played similar to those Airplane Shooters. Instead of moving from bottom to top, your Waifus will be shooting from the top to bottom.


The game has some dating-sims elements where players will be able to interact with your Waifus. Each Maji Girl will have their own different storyline for players to understand them better. Ultimately, your goal is to “catchem all” to unlock all the different plots.


What I don’t like about the game is that, there are a lot of loading or downloading involved when you perform certain action. As you can see from my gameplay video below, each time you move between different menus, there is a lot of loading, the pre-gacha animation takes a long time to load and finally, the worst of all, each time your acquire a new character, you will have to download a huge chunk of data.

The game does have some good graphics that some of you players might appreciate. I really like the Pop-up 3D style that they use for the characters, although it does heat up your phone pretty quickly. Players can unlock different costumes for each character which are actually the weapons and armors that you can equip for combat.




Android Link
iOS Link


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