Million Arthur 15 May Update


Today’s marks the start of the 5th event for Million Arthur (SEA) and here’s what you can expect for the following 2 weeks.

Gacha Event



6* cards deal x5 damage to raid bosses
5* cards deal x3 damage to raid bosses

Raid Bosses


Please take note, these 2 raid bosses are not considered faeries thus cards with skill that increases damage against faeries will not work on them.
The new background for the event map looks good though.



For the last event, they’ve made it difficult to get rewards by dropping the chance of getting tokens and the amount received. This time round.. they increase the token needed from 5k to 10k to receive the final reward card. I’m not sure about the rates but at least this time, we are able to get tokens through combat.

The Patch is now up and live so Arthurs! go farm your new cards!!

Note: I’ve only managed to save up 6 gacha tickets for the last event let’s see if I get anything good below:



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