Millionsaga – Pre-registration


Playmotion’s first flagship mobile game, Millionsaga is a puzzle game with lots of pretty waifu for your collection.

For a start, this is not from the Million Arthur series. Millionsaga is a complete new game using the puzzle jewels mechanic as its game play.

kongbakpao_millionsaga_game1 kongbakpao_millionsaga_game2


I’m looking forward to the game as the battle screen looks very different and more appealing compared to other puzzle games. I need another proper puzzle game too.
Pre-register the game now and get 5 free gems for gacha when the game releases.


Pre-register here


  1. Yeah I’ve been wondering for a while but how do you pre register for a game in the App Store? Also, kongbakpao did you take down the discussion log thing? I honestly don’t know what it’s called but I know you were paying for it

    • usually u just go to their website and enter your email address or link your twitter account.

      yeah i removed it it’s not really utilize. I’ll be getting a forum up sometime next month which I believe you guys will prefer 😀


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