Monster Chronicles – Soft Launches Tomorrow!


Delta Duck Studios has announced the soft launch date for their upcoming mobile game, Monster Chronicles! The game is slated to launch tomorrow, 25 July 2017. Players from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand will be able to download the game from either the App and Play Store.

Monster Chronicles is a turn-based strategy game played on a 3×3 board similar to tic-tac-toe. The game held it’s first close beta test a few months back and this time, the game is finally ready for soft launch and here are some of the highlights that Delta Duck Studios have added into the game;

– 32 additional cute and cool monsters for you to collect
– Additional story content to enjoy
– Enhanced feeding system to optimize and improve Monster stats
– New skills system with more flexibility and depth
– New and masterfully composed music to accompany you during battles
– Exciting events with increased summon rates, varied gameplay modes to challenge you and opportunities to earn even more rewards!

Look out for the official launch announcement email on launch day which will include *Special* Gift Codes with exclusive rewards to kick start your adventure!


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