Monster Egg Island


Candy Crush fans, here’s a new game for you!
Monster Egg Island uses the conventional “Gacha” card element (PAD,TOS) with the candy crush gameplay.

The story goes as follow; you are a young “starfish” warrior, set out to save the princess from the evil magician’s lair. You have to complete many different stages to rescue the princess.
There are some pretty cool cut scenes at the beginning of the game and at the end of every chapter.

Currently, there are 2 available chapters for players to complete which will take at least a week or more to complete due to the stamina restriction.
Unlike most Gacha intensive games, what I like about MEI is that, you do not need a team of SR cards (5*) to complete the current chapters. With an average team of R and RR (3 + 4 star cards), you can brisk through the 2 chapters easily. There are also many ways to earn gem throughout the game thus owning a few SR card in this game for free is not difficult.
The game is different from the conventional jewel games as there is no healing jewels. All healing is done by the monster’s active or passive skill, thus it is important to plan out your deck and friend’s help card.

Another cool feature that I find it interesting is that you can breed a random card/monster with another device. You have to be physical near the other device, shake the app and look for the other and WA-LA~ “A new card is found”. It is possible to get a SR card through this method. However, you can only breed with the same device once a day.

The game has been on the iOS for a little over a month and the Android version just released last week. So candycrush fans, what are you waiting for, let’s go rescue some princess!
The game is currently only available only on the Jap app/play store.

Android Link
iOS Link

Here’s my gameplay video on the hardest difficulty for the evolve “materials” stage.


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