Monsters with Attitude are here to smash stuff up, on the App Store and Google Play


Keen Flare and Flaregames have come together to announce the launch of their latest mobile game, Monsters with Attitude. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

A gang of larger-than-life Monsters are on an intergalactic roadtrip, and today they touch down on Earth. Swaggering around our planet with an attitude inspired by the best of late-20th-century pop culture, they already feel right at home.

Harnessing each of the Monsters’ unique abilities will be the challenge for players, as they stomp around planets in eight-player real-time PvP bouts. You can use many tactics to achieve victory, utilising the skill-set of each Monster as well as power-ups picked up mid-battle, but ultimately only the biggest can win. Fuelling this growth is Energy, which is generated by bashing smaller opponents or destroying the environment!

If you can see it, you can destroy it. Smash buildings, raze cities to the ground and bash smaller Monsters to take the crown as the biggest, in an evolution of the IO genre – a style of minimalistic multiplayer games popularised by and – with the production values and depth dialled up.

Flaregames GmbH


Android Link
iOS Link


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