Nekosaba – Turn your Real Life Cat into a game character


Are you a cat lover? Want to turn your cat into a superhero? Now here’s your chance! Nekosaba is GeePlus’s latest mobile game with the ability to turn real-life cat into a RPG hero.




Here’s how it works. Take a picture of your real-life cat, upload the picture to the game and it’ll automatically generate your first character card that has the closest resemblance to your cat. Players can take pictures of different cats to acquire different character cards. Stats of these characters are random thus you’ll need to take more pictures of your cats to get the best character card.

kbp_cat_game2 kbp_cat_game3


The game’s battle mechanic is simple. Just scratch the head of your character (like how you would to your pet cat) and it’ll attack. Defeat cute random enemies and conquer different stages.

GeePlus has also hired 21 different voice-actresses for all the characters in the game.


Here’s the PV of the game:

Players can also download the game’s sticker on the Line Store.


Pre-register Here


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