One Piece Dance Battle – Basic Guide


SO! This is one of my favourite Rhythmic game till date and I believe many of you will like it too. I’ve decided to include the game in my weekly event update schedule thus here’s a quick guide on how to navigate through the game so that more of you will join me!


The following are the more important Menus that you should know:

kbp_OPDB_quest kbp_OPDB_social

kbp_OPDB_friend kbp_OPDB_referral

kbp_OPDB_card kbp_OPDB_gacha


Basic Gameplay

kbp_OPDB_battle screen

The game is actually very simple, just memorize the sequence/pattern of the beat and reproduce it. Your character will start to attack after 4/5 rounds. If you manage to score full perfect combo, you can easily take down the enemy in 1 hit and get a 3* ranking for that particular stage.


Each main character has 5 different rarities (1-5*). The characters outfit/custom differs with each rarity.


The above shows how each element counters each other dealing/reducing extra damage to/from the opponent.
1. Fire
2. Earth
3. Water
4. Neutral
5. Light
6. Dark

Leveling Leader Cards

As you complete a certain stage, your leader card will gain exp (and also your rank exp). Another way to level your leader card is to use the exp points that you gain through completing stages or selling of leader cards.


That’s all I have for now, if you have any specific questions, please leave it in the comment below and I will try to answer it and update it on the guide.


  1. Thanks for the guide.

    When buying the equipments from dance hall, we have 2 options and both of them take 100 DP.
    What is the difference between them?

  2. Help after the Update I can’t continue to play.. after loading there’s a pop up whenever I click it brought to whenever I desire to click browser and Playstore I chose playstore but I think I need to rate the app but I can’t .. after I cancelled the One piece dance battle game closed help need help here

    I download it from Qoop App..


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