One Piece Dance Battle – Shake it Nami~


Want to see Nami Dancing in Bikini? Chopper doing the break dance? Luffy and Zoro moving to the beat. One Piece Dance Battle is finally out and on both iOS and Android.

So, I tried the game earlier on and realized the game isn’t just your ordinary Rhythmic game. It’s more of a memory game, where you must memorize the sequence and patterns and reproduce it with rhythm to deal maximum damage to your opponent.


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Unlike most Japanese mobile games where they spoonfeed you during the tutorial (which helps to overcome the language barrier), One Piece Dance Battle’s tutorial isn’t as clear as the others thus it took me a few minutes to understand it’s game play. It’s actually quite simple, just reproduce the sequence of the beat played by the NPC. Try not to miss any notes and kill the opponent in 1 hit to get 3* ranking for the stage. As you progress, the patterns increases and gets more complicated.


Tip: Besides the 8 free gems u get from entering a friend code, you can get another 15 gems by connecting your 3 SNS account (twitter, gmail and Line). You just need to click the link (under the friendlist tab (2nd tab > 3rd button > 4th tab) and you’ll unlock the achievement for the gems, you do not need to connect to any of the above to actually complete the achievement.



I managed to get a 3* Nami on my first try and did not bother retrying for a 5* for obvious booby reasons. The game is out now on both the Japanese Play/app Store. Add my friend code <ATjDZX6S> and get yourself some gems. If you like boobies One Piece and Rhythmic games, try the game out, I’m sure you’ll like it.


Android Link
iOS Link



  1. Played it earlier today and got 4* sanji but after updating my phone to android 5.0 i can’t play because i get a black screen. I can still touch and see blue circles appearing. Already tried reinstalling but it’s not helping 🙁

  2. I noticed that the time to restore points don’t count down unless the app is open….that’s a little crazy. Is there some trick I just don’t know about?


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