One Piece: Treasure Cruise – Get Mihawk


One Piece Treasure Cruise Special One Day Event, stand a chance to get a “Decisive Battle! Mihawk”

From now till 1pm (SGT) tomorrow, for one day only, there will be an event to get the character; Dracule Mihawk. Unlike most 2 weeks event, the Mihawk event will be a very challenging one for more advance players. There will only be 2 difficulty level; Expert (30 energy) and Master (40 energy). With this kinda challenge, I’m sure Mihawk must be quite powerful.

As for me, I haven’t been playing a lot thus I doubt I could defeat it. However, I do have a friend who’s very good in the game now.
You can catch out his video of the game (current event) here:

Also, he has told me if there are a lot of fans for the game, he might help me write up guides for it 🙂 So if you’re playing or intend to play, please vote/rate this post, you can also subscribe to his channel.

For new players, fret not. For this week, there will be a double increase in drop rate for Technique character’s Gacha. Stand a chance to Gacha a 5* ZORO



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