One Punch Man: The Strongest Exceeds 3 Million Pre-registration! Gameplay Overview


Recently, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest has exceeded 3 million pre-registration. If you haven’t heard, Players who pre-register for the game can stand a chance to win an iPhone 11, Macbook Pro or many other amazing prizes.

Currently, the game is having its Alpha test where a limited number of players were being recruited to test the game. I am lucky to snag myself an account and will be sharing some gameplay information to those of you who are curious about the game.

Game Overview

The story of One Punch Man revolves around Saitama, who became a hero for his own entertainment. He went through 3 years of intensive training and gained incredible strength. However, he became too powerful and could defeat any enemies in just one punch. The game tells the story of Saitama by integrating important cutscenes from the Anime into the main Story Mode. If you are new to the series, you can easily learn the important plots by just playing the Story Mode.

Besides the Story Mode, there are other game modes such as Arena, Exploration, Boss Challenges, Daily Dungeons and many more that you can unlock as you level up your Player level. Based on my current gameplay experience thus far, I can see that there are many different varieties of things to do in the game that will provide hours and hours of fun.


ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is a turn-based hero collection RPG based on the Anime series, One Punch Man. Characters are split into 3 different Faction; Hero, Monster and Outlaw. You can form a party of up to 6 different characters, mix and match them with the different Faction or Series. The character “Series” is something similar to the “elemental” mechanic from most hero collection RPG.

Each character will have two different types of active ability; Basic Attack and Ultimate Attack. In order for a character to use Ultimate Attack, you will need to have enough “energy”. Other than your character’s own abilities, the positioning of your party also plays an important role especially in the Arena. Certain characters can attack in a row while others can attack in a column and even the whole party. However, having a tanky character in the front can protect characters at the back to a certain extent. Thus, it is important to understand your party’s combat abilities to fully utilize them to the max.

Sadly, we will not able to have Saitama as one of the playable characters as it will then be too overpowered. However, Saitama acts as a “Summon” type skill where you can summon him to “One-hit” any single target opponent.

Character Development

There are many ways to strengthen your characters and thankfully, most of them do not require any tedious steps. The first and most basic method to strengthen your character is to level your characters. Levelling your characters increases their stats. Next, you have to evolve your characters. Evolution enables your character to increase their max level. Also, when you evolve your character, their stats will increase significantly.

Next, we have the Limit Break system. When you Limit Break your characters, you will gain bonus stats and Star Level. When your character is at two stars, it will automatically unlock their Passive Skill. Skill level can be increase simply by investing Skill Points which can be easily gotten by spending Gold.

There are other ways to increase your character strength such as Talents, Character Links, Items and the Saitama System. These will be unlocked when you play further into the game and will impact your party’s performance especially in PvP.

Recruiting Characters

Character rarity are divided into SSR, SR, R and N. Based on the Beta build, there are 11 SSR characters for Players to collect. Each time you summon a SR or SSR character, there will be a “World Notification” across the screen to show what you have gotten.

Based on the Chinese servers, it has been mentioned that some of the SR characters are actually more powerful and commonly used than some of the SSR characters. Thus, it is important for you to know your character’s strength and build them according to whoever you can get hold off. Some of the better SR characters include; Doctor Genus, Golden Ball and Amai Mask.

As of this article, I have played the game for about 5 hours and I am currently stuck at level 24, waiting for my energy to refresh. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Character development can be easy in this game but it is still time consuming. In a way, this makes your character even more valuable when it finally grows into something indestructible.

Multiple Language Version:

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest will be available in SEA region and in 4 languages, Chinese, Thai, English and Indonesian. The game will officially launch in the SEA region this coming 16 June so stay tuned!


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