Overhit – Update #1


Here’s the patch notes for the upcoming update tomorrow!

▣ Schedule: 06.13 09:00 – 11:00 (server time)

▣ New SSR Hero Rito & Iroha Update


Rito is a water/attack-type hero with powerful skills that target multiple enemies. 

Leader Skill Description
Little Hero Increase all water-type allies’ attack by 25%
Increase all water-type allies’ defense by 25%
Active Skill Description
Punishing Bolt
Initial Damage: Deal damage equal to 173.1% of attack to 3 enemies
Additional Damage: Deal additional damage equal to 94.2% of attack to physical type enemies
Retribution Initial Damage: Deal damage equal to 184.9% of attack to 4 enemies
Debuff: Apply shock to enemies under Chill (70%, 18sec)
Shock – Cannot use normal attack or active skills



Iroha is a water/support hero with skills that protect allies and attack multiple enemies.

Leader Skill Description
Family Bonds
Increase allies’ attack by 15% and Block Rate by 5% when there are 3 or more water-type heroes in the team
Active Skill Description
Iron Bastion
Buff: Apply 689 + 13.4% attack barrier to 4 allies (to highest hp, 100%, 30 sec)
Buff: Increase defense of 4 allies by 35.7% (100%, 60sec)
Violet Lightning Blast
Initial Damage: Deal damage equal to 150% of attack to 4 enemies
Debuff: Decrease damage output of four enemies by 26.8% (100%, 60sec)


▣ New Select Random Summon & 100 Mil Download Package

Select Random Summon Package

# Select Random Summon Ticket: You will acquire one hero from 10 heroes you choose. 

1 Million Download Celebration Package

– A special package celebrating 1 million worldwide downloads!

– The package includes random summon ticket, from which you can get a hero that appears in Dimension Gate.

▣ New Pick-up Gacha

– “New SSR Hero Draw-rate Up” gacha

– “Water-type Hero Draw-rate Up” gacha

▣ New Esta Event Dungeon

– New Esta event dungeon will be added

– Esta event dungeon will be available for 2 weeks.

– You can watch the story of Esta and get rewards to obtain Esta in the event dungeon.

▣ New Event

– New 7-day Attendance Rewards

– A quiz event to get various rewards

– A survey event for the hero balancing to get new rewards.

– A new box gacha event on Esta event dungeon.

– A growth cost discount event for water-type heroes.

▣ Other Updates

– New grimoire equipment under Crafting

▣ Bug Fixes and Changes

– Two new heroes added in the Hero guide


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