(Patch) Merc Storia – New Characters for September


This September marks an important patch update of Ujoy’s mobile strategy Merc Storia, with a significant number of new characters being available for recruit. Read on to find out more!

The 4-star archer Lirika and the 3-star healer Lionel have been exchangeable with Medal in the Medel Exchange Office since last week while players will have 100% chance to get at least one 3-star character from each Contract x 10.


By September 24, new characters including the 5-star ultra-rare Ribelti; 4-star rare Aceteresia and Soo; powerful 3-star Camoes, Dario, Tetmeco, Rousey, Muffin and Anata are available for recruit.

【image11】 【image10】 【image9】
【image8】 【image7】 【image6】
【image5】 【image4】 【image3】

Make your recruit this September and strengthen your squad! For more information, please visit the official website and Facebook of Ujoy Merc Storia.



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