Path of Exile – Mobile Version Announced


Path of Exile is coming to your mobile devices! At the recent Exilecon, Grinding Gear Games revealed an official trailer for the mobile version of POE with shots fired at the current mobile scene and of course, Blizzard.

Co-founder Jonathan Rogers started the trailer by saying that current mobile games are kind of bullshit with microtransaction, timegates, energy bar etc. I’m assuming the mobile version of POE is developed to tackle the current “bullshit” trend and developing quality games for mobile.

The mobile version of POE will be played very similar to the original PC version with sleek controls and intuitive controls. As co-founder Chris Wilson mentioned, the game is developed in-house and its not outsource to any other external studio (ouch Diablo Immortal). The biggest difference is that the mobile version is made for shorter game sessions.

Currently, Path of Exile Mobile is still in development. I will announce more about the game if there are any updates!



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