Pathfinder Duels – Classic RPG turn CCG


37Games is proud to announce, in collaboration with Paizo Inc., its newest game, Pathfinder Duels. The beloved franchise will be adapted into a CCG game with a unique blend of Pathfinder’s imaginative world and exciting gameplay featuring simultaneous turns. Pathfinder Duels is promised to be quick and witty!

Players will enter the world of Golarion and use their favorite Iconic Heroes to battle against the forces of Greed and Evil in a story inspired by Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords Campaign. Build a competitive deck to call your own and take part in unique simultaneous turn-style battles to determine the true Hero!

Pathfinder is a top-selling RPG known throughout the world for it’s community inspired background and immersive gameplay. Pathfinder Duels looks to give players a CCG that goes beyond the current offerings and set new expectations for gameplay.

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