Phantomgate – Soft Launch


Netmarble has announced the soft launch for their upcoming mobile game, Phantomgate. The game is currently only available in Australia’s App and Play Store.

Phantomgate is a new JRPG game with platform elements and an interesting story line. Players will take on the role of a Guardian, guiding Astrid, helping her to fulfill her destiny as the last Valkyrie, while she explores the mystery of her past and investigates her mother’s fate.

The game is a mix of Platform Exploration with turn-based combat. Players will need to fight monsters, collect keys and unlock different gates to reach the final boss. Unlike the usual Korean games where you just select the stage and head right into combat, jumping on different platforms and exploring the map are probably the highlights of the Phantomgate.

As for the game’s graphics, I’m pretty sure this something unique for a mobile game. I don’t have the technical term for it but this is definitely the type of graphics found mostly in Console or PC games (Child of Light?). Although the game’s dialogue is only part-dubbed, the story itself is actually quite interesting and definitely of JRPG quality.

Pre-register for the game now to unlock some nifty milestone rewards. For those of you who cannot wait to get your hands on the game, click the links below to download the game!


Pre-register here

Android Link
iOS Link

Apkpure Link



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