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Netmarble is one of the most famous Japanese game development companies, and it is entertaining Smartphone gamers for several years. In the past, Netmarble has released multiple games of different genres, and some of those games made a huge business in the gaming market. According to the latest reports, Netmarble released a new game, “Blade&Soul Revolution,” for both Android and IOS platforms on May 14, 2020.

Unfortunately, this fantastic game is not available for the Windows operating system, so the PC gamers are going to be disappointed. Indeed, it is not possible to install and run Android games on PC, but today, we are going to tell you how to play Netmarble’s Blade&Soul Revolution on PC by using LDPlayer. Now, the PC gamers can also enjoy this new title of Netmarble. We will also review the game features, graphics, and storyline, so before getting registered to Blade&Soul Revolution, you must be reading our article.

Overview of Blade&Soul Revolution

Action game is a preferable category of video games. This time Netmarble has specially designed Blade&Soul Revolution for Android game lovers. Blade&Soul Revolution is a multiplayer online action game that comes up with tons of impressive features. While getting registered to this game, you will get a bonus reward. The characters of the game have given the Korean appearance, which shows off that Blade&Soul Revolution is a pure Korean game.

The game features high-quality graphics that give a game environment and characters a realistic look. Well, now you can also play this game on PC by using LDPlayer. We will share complete details about this common software later in this article. Want to know how to play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC? Then, keep moving forward in this article.

Blade&Soul Revolution Gameplay

Every player must read the gameplay before switching to any specific game. As this game is going to release very soon, so before getting registered to it, you must be going through its gameplay. After getting a login in the game, you have to select a character that can be customized later to continue your game journey. The characters are present in both genders. The game features tons of missions that have to be completed one after another.

All of the missions are locked. You have to complete each mission to unlock a mission next to it. Every mission has a special enemy that you have to defeat. You also have to collect the game currency during the mission so that you can buy items from the inventory. As long as you will move forward in the journey, the difficulty level of the game will also increase. You will face very powerful enemies in further missions, so don’t forget to customize the abilities of your character.

Eye-catching Graphics

The majority of the audience searches for the graphics of the game before installing it into the PC. If we talk about the graphics of the Blade&Soul Revolution, they consist of multiple HD colors that don’t get split over the wide screens. The characters are designed exceptionally by the team of designers, and you can notice the whole appearance of the character during the gameplay.

Not only the characters, but each round of the game is created very well. You will find a variety of enemies in the game that will be holding ancient war items in their hands. Due to the good quality of graphics, you can easily judge the weapons as well as the enemy coming to attack you in the game.

How to Play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC?

After reviewing the features and the gameplay of the Blade&Soul Revolution, we can say that this game will do a huge business right after getting released. Well, now the number of the active players will rapidly increase because you can play Blade&Soul Revolution on Windows-based PC. To run this game on the computer, first of all, you have to install an LDPlayer emulator in your system.

LDPlayer will create a virtual Android environment in your PC through which not only you can play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC, but can also access many other Android applications. Isn’t it much interesting? Now you must be confused regarding the installation of the LDPlayer. Don’t worry because we will also share a complete procedure by which you can easily install this software.

Why Should You Play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC?

There are many advantages to playing games on the computer screen as compared to the screen of a Smartphone. Till now, we have discussed the procedure of playing Blade&Soul Revolution on PC, but before discussing the LDPlayer, we would love to share the advantages of playing this game on PC.

  • Play a non-stop game without getting interrupted by the low charging error.
  • Your eyesight will remain normal by avoiding the smartphone’s screen interaction.
  • No need to spend your savings to purchase a smartphone, just perform all of the Android operations in your fast-working PC.
  • Controlling a character is far easier by the keyboard, mouse, or any other input device as compared to the touch screen.
  • Your posture will remain to maintain due to the gaming chair.

What is LDPlayer?

Basically, LDPlayer is the most important tool if you want to run Blade&Soul Revolution on your PC. We have mentioned this term at multiple points of the article, but now we are going to discuss it in detail. LDPlayer is a renowned Android emulator that uses virtual technology to create an Android environment on your PC. LDPlayer has the simplest interface, so you will not struggle to get familiar with its features. With this emulator, you can easily run any Android game on your PC without any limit.

The best thing about this software is that it is absolutely free to use. It is one of the factors that makes LDPlayer a popular product in the market. Well, you are not limited to just install the games on your PC by using LDPlayer, but you can access the whole Google Play store. By opening the Google Play Store, you can install any of the applications you want. If you are searching for the best Android emulator, then you should be trying LDPlayer.

How to install LDPlayer and Play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC?

The installation procedure of the LDPlayer is one of the easiest tasks, but still, many people suffer to install this software. To make you clear about the installation of the LDPlayer, now we are going to share a complete procedure. By following this method, you can install LDPlayer on your PC successfully and can also run the Blade&Soul Revolution without facing any kind of error.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official site of the LDPlayer.
  • Reaching to the website, you can easily download the setup file according to the size of your processor.

  • Once the setup file is downloaded, run, and install it accurately by following 3 to 5 steps.
  • Now the LDPlayer is installed on your computer.
  • In case you are facing any error, then uninstall your anti-virus and try to rerun the setup file.
  • By following the above steps, LDPlayer will get installed successfully.
  • Now, its time to download Blade&Soul Revolution by using the virtual Android operating system.
  • Open the LDPlayer and search LD Store which you can find on the home screen, and install the game from there.

  • Once the game has been installed, now its time to Play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC.
  • Don’t forget to adjust your controller so that you can manage the game character easily.


A new project, “Blade & Soul Revolution” of a famous Korean game company “Netmarble,” is online now. This game is available for only Android devices, but in this article, we have shared a procedure of how to play Blade&Soul Revolution on PC. We have also discussed the gameplay, characters, graphics, and some other features of the game.

To run Blade&Soul Revolution on the PC, you need to install LDPlayer. LDPlayer is a renowned free to use Android emulator. To keep you safe from the reach of errors, we have shared a complete stepwise procedure of installing the LDPlayer. Now, install this software and start playing Blade&Soul Revolution on your PC.


  1. “Netmarble is one of the most famous Japanese game development companies”



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