Pocket MapleStory SEA – Play The Game With Your Old Comrades


PlayPark, publisher of the Pocket MapleStory SEA has announced the start of its pre-registration event. Together with the event, PlayPark wishes to reconnect with players of the long-standing MMORPG franchise at an upcoming invite-only event by Pocket MapleStory SEA in early 2016. Read on to find out more!

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Pocket MapleStory SEA kick-starts a search for founding MapleStory SEA players through a friend-finding webpage today. If you still haven’t played or heard of Pocket MapleStory, you can check out my game article on it here. The “Find Maple Friend” campaign to commemorate MapleStory SEA’s ten-year-history with players. Via the platform, Pocket MapleStory SEA hopes to get in touch with the pioneer batch of MapleStory SEA players who were featured on The New Paper in 2005 and awarded the “Mark of Beta” – a symbolic in-game bandanna acknowledging beta participants. Players can also look for their past guilds and in-game friends from a simple shout-out on the notice board at the “Find Maple Friend” page.


In a recent survey, players quoted that the top reason for playing MapleStory SEA was because of the game’s strong community. Friendships and camaraderie forged during gameplay and continuous updates are key contributing factors to the success of the game which joins the elite list of games “10 and still going strong” this year.

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Pocket MapleStory SEA is the mobile adaptation of the PC game, MapleStory SEA. It features single-player adventure modes, party raids and new quests only available in Pocket MapleStory SEA. The Southeast Asia version will be available for players in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand in 2016.

Players will receive rewards upon launch when they sign up at newly released preregistration page for the anticipated mobile release.

Follow the Links Below:

Find Maple Friend Page: http://bit.ly/FindMapleFriend
Preregistration: http://bit.ly/PreReg-PocketMapleStorySEA
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Playpark.PocketMapleStory
List of MapleStory SEA Beta Players: http://bit.ly/MapleSEA-BetaPlayers




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