Pokemon Co-Master – Android Launch


The Pokemon Company has announced the launch for their latest Mobile Game, Pokemon Co-Master (ポケモンコマスター). The game is currently available for Android users so hurry and grab the APK now!

There has been a lot of hype over Pokemon GO for the past few days but today, we’ll be focusing on Pokemon Co-Master, a brand new board game-based Pokemon mobile game. Pokemon Co-Master is co-developed by a company called Heroz Japan. The company is famous for it’s AI Core technology especially in the board-games genre. Be prepared to squeeze your brain juices as the game can go as long as 300 turns.

kbp_pokemoncomaster_game1 kbp_pokemoncomaster_game2

The objective of the game is to send one of your Pokemon over to the opponent’s base (mark with a red flag) while preventing the opponent’s Pokemon from entering yours (mark with blue flag). In short, it’s a “Capture the Flag” type of board game. Each Pokemon has a pre-set number of moves it can make. Players will have to decide whether to move your Pokemon towards an open space, or have a direct confrontation with the opponent’s Pokemon. There are also spell cards you can use to boost your Pokemon’s attack before you engage in a battle.

kbp_pokemoncomaster_game3 kbp_pokemoncomaster_game4

There is an AI function that can technically help you progress faster but I believe at later stages, the AI function might be more of a hindrance than of help.


One of the best feature in the game is it’s 3D Computer Graphics. All the chess pieces looks so good it feels like you’re playing with a real-life chess piece. Everything in the game looks so real.


Check out my short gameplay video:

Pokemon Co-Master is out now in Japan’s Google Playstore. You can download the APK file from Qooapp or Apkpure to try it out!

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