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Cherry Credits will be launching a new tap battle Mobile game titled Bloodline. The pre-registration event for the game has started. If you like tap battle games, you should definitely check this one out!

Previously named Twilight Lore in Japan, Bloodline is a tap battle RPG game played very similar to Brave Frontier. Players can tap on the character’s portrait or slide through them to send all your characters to attack, slide up for skill and slide down to defend. If you have not tried Brave Frontier, this is also a good alternative game to start for the tap battle genre.

kbp_bloodline_game1 kbp_bloodline_game3

kbp_bloodline_game5 kbp_bloodline_game4

I’m not sure if they tweak the storyline for the English version but in Japan, the storyline was actually quite interesting.  Vampires and Humans were are war but one day, a third force appeared called the Monsters of the dark (I can’t read Japanese). The main character is a female Vampire and her chaperon Human boy turned vampire, who had sacrificed his own blood to feed the dying Female Vampire. Together, they will meet other different vampire allies and defeat the mysterious evil forces.

There are over 300 different cards to collect and if I remembered correctly, many famous voice-actresses were involved dubbing the game.

kbp_bloodline_game2 kbp_bloodline_game4

Pre-register for the game now and get yourself 120 gems daily for 30 days when the game launches!

Here’s a quick gameplay from the Japanese version!

Pre-register Here


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