Princess Bug – Pre-registration


Few year’s ago, the flight shooter genre was very popular on the mobile platform. Gamer’s from the 70-80s will be more familiar as we use to play the game over at the Arcade.


As more mobile games are heading towards the card-gacha system, I was expecting a game like this to appear pretty soon. Instead of piloting an airplane, players will get to pilot different bugs in “Princess Bug”. kongbakpao_princessbug_game4 kongbakpao_princessbug_game3


The game is simple, just shoot stuff and avoid being shot.

kongbakpao_princessbug_game2 kongbakpao_princessbug_game1

The game’s Flying Gacha is happening now and it seems quite easy to reroll for a 5* character (I got mine on the 6th try)

Pre-register here


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