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Codigames had recently released a brand new mobile RPG called Heroes of Rings: Dragons War. The game is currently only available in the Spanish App and Play Store.

Heroes of Rings: Dragons War is a Monster Breeding RPG. The combat for the game is turn-based and is pretty easy to understand. In fact, for the more “experience” Players out there, you’ll probably find the game familiar as it resembles another famous Monster Breeding Game.

I’m not sure if the game is currently in Beta or soft launch however, currently, there are only 30 Heroes in the game. Also, the game uses the character shard system which I really hate in most monster breeding games. To summon a Hero of your liking, you either have to be super lucky to gacha him or, slowly collect the shards (in the game’s case, fragments) to be able to summon them.

– Summon different heroes, and create a powerful army
– Live a true adventure, and discover the secrets of the ancient legends
– Compete in the Player Vs Player modes.
– Chat with other players.
– All game modes can be played for free.
– Sign in to Google Play Games to save your progress.
– Optimized for Android 6.0 and the new Android 7.0.

The game is currently available in the Spanish App Store and Play Store.



Android Link
iOS Link


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